10 Ways to Prevent Your Crown from Lying Flat – Curls from the Roots

Hair types 3a and below starts curling a few inches below the roots. I’ve struggled with a straight crown too – Now I can get decent root curling. Even if these tips don’t make your roots curl, that’s ok! Because it is, quite natural for 3a and below to have straight roots. And that’s the natural behaviour, so embrace it :). Most of these techniques work against gravity thereby preventing hair from being pulled down straight.

  1. Get lots of layers – Getting layers will help take the weight off of your hair and help it spring up. This is more of a visual solution because my under layers which are long start curling only midway. They are just hid by the top layers! – Haircuts for curly hair

    Hair getting pulled down because of lack of layers on top. Got a haircut soon after this!
  2. Upside down rinsing – Rinse off your conditioner while keeping your head flipped down. This helps because the water doesn’t push the hair against the scalp making it stick to the scalp.
  3. Upside down styling and squish to condish – Similar to the above step, do squish to condish and your styling also upside down.
  4. Plop – Plopping works on some hair types(especially long hair) to prevent hair from sticking on the scalp as it dries – Plopping (Plunking) curly hair | How to plop + 5 benefits
  5. Clipping – This technique lifts up small sections of hair near the scalp. DevaCurl – Style Curly Hair with Deva Clipping
  6. Diffuse – Diffusing upside down gives bomb volume to the scalp – Everything about diffusing curly hair – What, Why, How
  7. Don’t make a parting – I never make a parting. I let my hair dry however it wants to. Then throughout the day, I keep flipping my hair left and right to prevent a flat head
  8. Fluff – Once hair is fully dry, use your fingertips to fluff your scalp. This will induce desired frizz a.k.a Volume πŸ˜€
  9. Avoid applying products like leave in and creams on the scalp – Lightweight gels can be applied. The general rule is that more the products, more the weighing down and less the frizz. You need to find a balance – 7 Ways to Make Your Crown Area Frizz Free + Tackle Baby Hair
  10. Try some protein – Soft curls will not have the body or strength to curl up and will fall flat. A protein treatment may help – Homemade gelatin protein treatment for damaged curly hair


  1. I ran from IG to my computer to read! I thought it was only me who had a weird crown! I also feel like my hair is thinning up there and I am starting to work on that, so hopefully this and your tips can help…my flat top!
    lol. thank you!

  2. Hi Anjana…..big thanks for your immensely appreciated step in writing curly hair blog.
    Is it advisable to tie a top bun or a braid of your curly hair?

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