7 ways to keep curly hair tangle free in between washes

I recently posted on how to detangle curly hair. Now I want to tell you some ways on how to maintain that and keep your hair tangle free till your next wash day. And we curly haired women need that more since we cannot or rather should not just run a brush or comb through dry hair! Here are 7 ways to keep curly hair tangle free in between washes.

1) Do not rub in products aggressively – Be it your shampoo or conditioner, rubbing it roughly onto your hair will instantly cause it to roughen up and tangle. Gently use the tips of your fingers to apply products. Never do rough oscillating motions (up and down or side to side).

2) Do not rinse out products aggressively – Even while rinsing your hair with water, avoid using rough motions on your hair. Gently lift hair to let water run throughout your scalp and hair.

3) Use loads of conditioner when washing your hair – I have heard many people complain that their hair is tangled right after a shower. I am like “What?!” My hair is at its best post washing. So if points 1 and 2 are under check, the only reason could be that you are not using enough conditioner.

curly girls be like dime sized

Never skimp on hair conditioner. No, a dollop is not enough. No, a coin sized amount is not enough. Be generous. How much conditioner should you use?

4) Detangle properly on your wash day – Wash day is not the time to be lazy 😀 Detangle thoroughly leaving no knots or tangles behind.

5) Do not rub your hair in a towel after washing – Doing that is a sure shot way to get frizz and tangles. Here’s the proper way to dry your hair post washing.

6) Sleep properly – You don’t know how much you toss and turn in your sleep, thereby completely destroying your curls and tangling them in the process.

silk pillow

Invest in a silk pillowcase and tie your hair up the right way. 3 ways to sleep with curly hair

7) Do not shampoo too often – Shampoos are very drying and so shouldn’t be used only once in a while. Try co washing in between instead.




  1. Good article. I don’t have a silk pillowcase. I wrap my old silk dupatta around my pillow and that makes a lot of difference. 🙂

  2. hey anjana…
    could write a post on how to maintain 2nd, 3rd day curls if you are the type of curly who washes hair just once a week?

  3. Great to see a descriptive blog for us Indian curlies! Thanks. Was just wondering if you detangled your hair during your co-wash days? Also any idea how i could incorporate aloe vera juice in my routine?

    1. Yes I absolutely detangle my hair on co-wash days, thoroughly! I am not sure about aloe juice but I love aloe gel for many uses like as a leave in, to refresh curls – will do a post soon! I think aloe juice can be sprayed as a refresher.

  4. I’ve hard water in my place and do you know any treatments for it. Are they harmful for our hair ? Or is it okay to continue washing our hair with hard water ?

    1. Hey Kowsi, hard water can cause mineral deposits on your hair affecting its texture. Don’t you get water filters in your area? They can be attached to taps. Use a chelating shampoo to remove the build up once in a while.

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