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Welcome to curlsandbeautydiary!

I’m a Software Engineer who fell in love with my curly hair around 2009. I still remember the days when I would comb and brush my hair over and over again expecting miracles to happen, but my hair forever looked like hay. And now after umpteen experiments with techniques, hair products and methods, my hair hasn’t looked better! I was already writing beauty articles for other bloggers, but as a curly haired girl I saw few beauty bloggers in India writing about curls. Part of the idea behind curlsandbeautydiary is to make all you curly haired beauties fall in love with your curly hair.

My roots are in God’s own country, Kerala, a beautiful tiny state lying on the tail of India. I stay Bangalore, married to the love of my life.

I love to eat and backpack. And being a typical girly girl, I love beauty products, a little bit of makeup, perfumes, jewelry, accessories and beautiful clothes. All of this whizzed up in a blender – Curls and Beauty Diary.

Anjana Muralidharan

My Skin type – Combination, Acne prone
My Hair type – 2c/3a curl pattern, Medium porosity, Medium density, Coarse



  1. I’ve recently started loving my curls but the pain in maintaining them still exists :p
    Thank you Anjana for helping out on taming our Curly mane!!

  2. Hi Anjana,
    I am truly happy to see someone from Kerala :D. Cheers!
    I know many many beauties with curly hair, but none of them seems to be happy with it and you are different πŸ™‚ Kuddos to you and the wonderful blog.

  3. Ooh, a fellow Keralite.
    We really do have some excellent hair, don’t we?

    I mean, you could just wash the curls and wear it as it, and you wouldn’t even need to do much make up or anything. The wet curls themselves become the adornment.

    Problem is, I can’t just wash my hair everytime I feel like stepping out for work or party. So, I’m really glad I found your blog. Be following you. πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi Anjana,
    I am a typical mallu girl from Kerala. Just like all the other curly haired girls, even i used to loathe my hair initially; brushing and combing vigorously to make it straight. But after visiting your website, I started to enjoy the beauty of curls.I also want to make a huge transformation and start to embrace my curls.
    Once I tried not to comb my hair after taking shower (that’s what one should do to curls!!), but it ended up in undefined curls making me more concerned and ended up combing it everyday!!

    Please help me in my hair journey.Where and how should I start?

    P.S: I have never visited a saloon for a haircut ;always my mom only cuts the ends!!

  5. Oh lord you’re a saviour. I was always seaching for products to make my curls healthier but they always ended up costly and out of reach. Good work!

  6. I just found your website and am impressed with your helpful tips on managing the curly hair routine. I am a 54 year old Latina woman from California that has been fighting with curly hair, much like yours, forever! After flatironing for years, my hair was not curling any more. Discovered clairifying shampoo that helped bring back curls, but still frizzy. I saw your step by step video on your routine and bought the Cantu curl activator cream. Wow!! Love it! Thanks from me and all the curlies that benefit from your tips. Added you to facebook too.

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