4 ways to make your shampoo less harsh – The best alternative to sulphate free shampoos

Sulphate shampoos can be really drying to curly hair since curly hair is extremely dryCo washing is great for washing regularly, but once in a while we need a good clarifying to remove buildup and give bounce to curls. Instead of going for hard-to-find sulphate free shampoos, here are 4 ways to turn your current shampoo into a really mild yet effective cleanser.

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Beginner friendly products – Curly Hair Starter Kit

I know it can be very frustrating when there are tons of products mentioned on the blog and on my Instagram page. As we advance in our curly hair journey, we are better able to judge what our hair likes or needs, and hence decide what kind of products we should use; because I truly believe that learning requires a progression from simple to complex. But for people who’ve just started, this kit will help you pick up some basic products so that you can start your curly hair journey right away.

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Heat damage in curly hair

Straightening irons and rods can damage your hair beyond repair. If you have finally decided to embrace your curly hair (or even for those who haven’t), this article will throw light on how heat damage affects your curly hair. And how to finally ditch them for good!

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My curly hair journey

I was born with curly hair (some people may get curls during puberty, after pregnancy or due to some medicines). My mom and dad both have straight hair so I have no clue how my hair ended up like that!

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