PhotoDiary – Spring is here!

The past few days have been so pretty here in Bangalore with flowers in full bloom not only on short plants and shrubs, but almost replacing all the leaves of huge tall trees. Some trees look a bit like the cherry blossom(and behave like them too! Because the flowers’ve fallen down within days of their blooming). I couldn’t see any of those today, but I did see many other flowers in full bloom *happy heart*. How I wish spring lasted throughout the year 😛

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PhotoDiary – Lilla Rose Hair Accessories

Misty from Lilla Rose sent me these beautiful hair clips and my first thought was “Wow these are actually jewellery for your hair”. Of course there are already pins, bands and clips that are decorative but they can look really tacky for daily wear. These little trinkets are high quality without looking too bling-y or out of place on a regular day.

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5 things to do in Pondicherry

There’s something very laid back and slow about this French town of the East – Pondicherry or Puducherry like it is now called. The French colonized this town some decades ago and there are still telltale signs of it – Architecture, street names, food and just the overall feel.

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PhotoDiary – Fall in love with curly hair (Volume 7)

PhotoDiary volumes are photoshoots showcasing the beauty of curly hair. PhotoDiary aims to encourage you to embrace your curly hair. Every curly hair on this planet is meant to look beautiful. No exception! We are all born with beautiful hair. It’s the care that makes all the difference. “She was born with it” My hair is different”  “I would wear my hair curly if my curls looked like that!” “My hair isn’t curly, its just frizzy” “I don’t really have curl, just some unruly wave” are not acceptable excuses anymore 🙂

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