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  1. I moved to Bangalore recently and was searching for a stylist. Happened upon your blog. I have curly hair that started greying quite prematurely. At 42 my hair on top is almost 40% grey. I don’t colour my hair. Just thought would be interesting to do a guest post on your blog on what I do to manage it. Or live happily with it.

    1. Hey Vani! Sure. Please send in your curly hair routine, 2-3 photos of you and your hair and a pic of the hair products you use to the e-mail id mentioned on this page 🙂

  2. Hi Anjana,
    I have natural curly hair. when it is wet looks good and in dry very bad.can you tell me what to use for wet look and how ?

  3. Hi Anjana,

    Hope you are doing good.

    i now switched to “Lovea Nature Shampoo – Cacao Nirvana, Very Dry Hair” shampoo and enliven coconut conditioner. I followed the CG method.

    1- i diluted shampoo in water and washed my hair
    2 – applied conditioner and de-tangled, scrunched.
    3- then i applied bblunt curl cream and scrunched my hair.

    I started seeing my curls getting formed. Then i air dried my hair. Finally when my hair was dried, it was dry and the ends and was tangled again 🙁

    I am not sure what went wrong.

    Next day, i refreshed my hair again by appling enliven as leave in and detangled. Again after it was air dried it was tangled.

    above are the products i have and i also have set-wet & Giovanni LA Gel, aloevera gel. Please tell me a combination of routines on how these products can be used to prevent tangle and dryness.

    I also have Himalaya anti dandruff and Himalaya protein cream. Can these also be used.

    I guess i bombarded you with questions 🙂 !

    Ramya M

  4. Hi Anjana,

    Yes i saw ur youtube video and followed to an extent 🙂 i guess sulfate free and silicone free products are not suiting my hair.

    Earlier i was using tresemme shampoo and conditioners and once in a while head and shoulders as my hair is prone to dandruff. While i used these my hair was much healthy, bouncy and shiny. after switching to these new products my hair is just doing ok and not as early how it was.

    Can i still switch back to my old products and then scrunch it with bblunt hair cream?

    Soo much of confusion 🙂

  5. Hi Anjana,

    Which parlor/hair stylist do you suggest for a haircut in bangalore for curly hair?
    I did not have much luck at Bblunt. And any other parlor i try just suggest me to straighten them :!

  6. Hey Anjana!
    How many layers are there in your hair and how do they make a deep v shape at the back.
    Also bblunt is the salon which I can’t afford can u suggest some more salons which can easily cater our curly problems.
    Curly Girl
    Love xoxo

    1. Hey CG, layers cannot be counted – they are merged. Deep V is similar to a V cut. The stylist will know. I haven’t tried any other salons but you can choose a salon that fits your budget and always explain these points to them 🙂

  7. Everytime I go to a salon for hair cut I end up with basic u cut or trim.I don’t have idea of how long layer cut will look on curly hair. And even if I get that haircut done how will I know that is it done correctly or not. Please help me out

  8. Hello!

    Your blog is amazing!

    I had curly hair, but after giving a birth to my baby, my curls are lost.

    I want to have them again.
    Is that possible?

    I bought this products:
    – Wahre Schatze shampoo without silicon
    – Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave In Hair Conditioner

    Is this ok to start with?
    I will need a conditioner, can you suggest me some who will pass in this combination?

    1. Hey Gloria, hair pattern changes due to hormonal changes are usually not reversible. Maybe once your hormones have settled down, you may get back your curls. But there’s nothing you can do.

  9. Hi Anjana,

    Your blog has been so helpful to me as no one in my family has curly hair anymore (my mother did when she was young but lost them) so I don’t have any guidance on how to properly treat my hair.

    I have an odd question. I am training to be a professional dancer and therefore I am required to pull my hair back into a bun everyday. However due to this when I take my hair out after class my curls are no longer in their usual pattern and my hair looks like a mess; resulting in me never having my hair out. I am at school where I train half a day dance and half a day academic so I am unable to wet my hair after I dance as I have classes to attend. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to so I can wear my hair out?

    Thank you so much and so sorry for such long wording for the question

    1. Hey Aisha! Yes, buns can destroy curl definition. While working out, I put my hair up in a high pony using a claw clip. I am not sure if that is an option while dancing.

  10. Hi Anjana,
    I just started co washing and I find that my dandruff has increased after a week. Co washed twice probably. Is it common? And when there is a lot of dandruff do you still continue to just cowash? Or use a dandruff shampoo then cowash? Or just dandruff ?? Please suggest some ideas

  11. Hi Anjana I am from Navi Mumbai. I don’t know if the hairstylist will cut my hair properly or not. They straighten my hair first with blow dryer and then cut my hair. At that point of time it feels wonderful but after wash, hair looks shorter and more frizzy.

    And also I wish to buy enliven conditioner but it isn’t available on any shopping site. Is it available offline or suggest some other way.

    Last but not the least Thank you so much
    Ur blog is a saviour for all my curly hair problems 😊

  12. Hi! I came across your blog from Instagram. I have curly hair and have recently coloured it. Can you recommend me curl friendly colour protecting shampoos and conditioners? I currently use TIGI bed head colour goddess oil infused shampoo and conditioner

  13. hey…!!
    Sorry if im disturbing u a lott
    but… i really dont know how to choose the right product for my curls
    should i avoid silicones to my curls

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