Curly hair routine by blogger Meher (Wiggly Curly Wiggles)

After Ranita, here’s Meher from WigglyCurlyWiggles with her curly hair routine! Over to her.

“I’ve been fortunate and lucky enough to have been born with curly hair. I remember my Bebe commenting how I looked as a baby and how people would address me as a doll cause of my hair. I can’t deny the fact that curly hair does give me a very edgy look. (BONUS!) And perming done so perfectly? I don’t think so! My hair may look permed but the reason why I have such luscious curls is because I pamper them. It’s not easy having Wiggled Hair you see. You can’t just comb your hair. Why? Because if you do so, you end up looking like Hagrid. That’s why!
 So here’s a simple routine I follow to provide proper nourishment and pampering to my hair.
1. Oiling! 
Oiling plays a major role in the nourishment of any kind of hair. For the oiling process, I firstly heat up the oil to lukewarm and gently massage the scalp and I also make sure that I oil the tips as they are the oldest part of the hair and need a little more pampering. I use either Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair Oil or Kesh King Oil.
2. Washing & Styling
You cannot be ruthless with the washing process. It needs to be done gently. When you wash your hair, do make sure that you wash off the oil from the scalp thoroughly. If not done correctly, the scalp will start turning a little too ‘chip-chip’ which would make you lose the volume. While you wash the hair, finger-detangle the curls or use a wide bristled comb for a lesser breakage. I use L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner.
 3. Drying
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT blow-dry curls! Aah! You sure will get hell loads of volume but a frizzy one. We surely don’t want to be a mess like Monica Geller in humidity. Sheeeeesh! Well, for drying the curls, all you gotta do is, take a t-shirt or a thin towel and just scrunch the hair upwards. Let them dry off naturally. This will provide you with beautiful shiny ringlets by the time they’re ready!
It’s that simple! Thinking practically, straightening would mean heat-damaging the hair. They might not come back to what they actually are. And secondly, our hair is our identity. If anybody has to spot the Curl-Girls in a crowd, you know how to find us! ;)”


  1. No matter how many palmsful conditioner I use in my shower absolutely paraben free sulphate free and alcohol free and follow the curly hair nstructions like dont use shampoo,don’t overwash,don’t comb completely dry hair and all… hair looks well moisturised and nourish as long as I’m in shower with conditioner and water in my hair.but gets extremely dry, frizzy and unruly once it’s getting just doesn’t retain moisture or water how much ever I moisturised.i just don’t understand what to do

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