Curly hair routine by blogger Ranita (infinitytimesinfinity)

After Pooja, here’s Ranita from infinitytimesinfinity with her curly hair routine! Over to her.

“Hi guys! I hope you’re doing well, I’ve collaborated with Anjana from Curls and Beauty Diary, a beauty blogger who’s all about haircare101! She has amazing tricks up her sleeves to save your hair!

I was born with an afro. I had curly hair – crazy curly and it was a pain, during my school days at least! The basic trend during the millennium was straight hair, inspired by the likes of Britney Spears and Jennifer Anniston. As I grew up, the afro changed pattern and left me with curls which were neither wavy nor as tight as an afro.

I didn’t appreciate my hair, it’s texture and it’s uniqueness, and jumped on to the bandwagon of straightening my hair! My mum didn’t allow me to straighten my hair permanently, even though I desperately wanted to (I’m eternally grateful to her for making that decision for me). What she did allow me to do was to straighten the front bangs. Unfortunately that was enough for me and when she wasn’t home I would straighten my hair completely (with no heat protectant). Boy, I wish I knew how much I’d regret that!


This probably continued till I joined my engineering. Only when I was halfway through did I stop straightening my hair. Why? Well firstly, I didn’t have the time / patience to, and secondly, I started noticing a few bald spots emerging and the quality of my hair had degraded for the worst.

It was then that I had decided to stop messing with my hair and just let it be! I started with a few products and now I’ve got a good routine that I can share with you guys.
Let’s begin shall we?

Oil: I oil my hair at least once a week. It’s such a crucial step for me, I cannot go by without this. I use regular Coconut oil or Almond oil (The Organic Coconut oil or Almond oil by Kama Ayurveda). I leave it on overnight & wash it in the morning.
Hair wash: I wash my hair every two days. I try to stay way from dry shampoo as much as possible. I wash my hair with the TRESemmé or the Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo and conditioner. I switch between their different ranges. Once I’m out of the shower I use my Tangle Teezer and brush my hair and separate its knots. Then, I let my hair air dry (I don’t use a hair dryer). While it’s about 70% dry I use my Garnier Fructis long & Strong Serum or the Serum by Livon to smoothen my hair, whilst doing this I scrunch up the bottom half of my hair & then let it continue drying.”

You can follow Ranita on Instagram. Form your own wavy hair routine here – Wavy hair routine – How is it different from a curly hair routine


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