Curly hair routine by guest blogger Aleena(The Style Chair)

Hi my lovely curlies! I’ve decided to add another segment to the blog featuring curly hair routines of Indian beauty/fashion bloggers who rock their curly hair. This was inspired after the post on 20 Indian celebrities with curly hair and my love for curly heads in India :). I hope you enjoy reading about different curly hair routines and products just like I do!Over to Aleena from The Style Chair!

“Envious curls is what defines my hair but that is not how this story has always been! Having wavy hair I always detested my hair especially in school when everyone used to have hair up looking nice I used to have my hair spring up even through my ponytail. That’s when I resorted to permanently straightening my hair and ended up doing it three times over. Later on when I started training to become a hairstylist is when I learnt the art to maintaining curls and after that there was just no looking back.

My curl care routine not only involves tried and tested methods that have worked on me but also what tricks I’ve seen that have worked on my curly haired clients. If you have curly hair then make products your best friend. From care products to styling products. The main issue with wavy or curly hair is frizz right? After reading the rest of this post you can completely conquer those frizzy woes 🙂

Products I use to keep my curls intact and care for my coloured locks:

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray,  TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream , Kama Bringadi Oil, BBLUNT High Definition Curl Curl Defining Leave in Cream, L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Mix Sublime Shine Anti Frizz Serum and BBLUNT Born Again Conditioner for Stressed Hair.

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  • Hair masque or a real good conditioner. A conditioner that weighs the hair down is good to keep the curls more in shape.
  • Go in for deep nourishing treatments or hair spas as a monthly regime at a salon. Keep the hair well hydrated.
  • Hair serum especially an anti frizz serum to make sure the frizz is more in control.
  • Now coming to the main product for curls in specific. Curl creams, gels, mousse all hold the curls and give them the definition that actually makes your curls look pretty till the next wash (and not just on the first day) There are days I don’t like to wear my hair down and I put them up but there are those little horns that poke out of your head. That is where I need a hairspray handy and the Loreal Elnette is a great pick because it’s light and doesn’t have much residue.

Tips for Curly hair:

  • First and foremost Do Not Comb curls. Combing curls loses its shape and gives you just a frizz ball.
  • While towel drying just dab hair and don’t go on rubbing hair as it makes the hair frizzy as it aggravates the hair cuticles.
  • When washing off conditioner let the last rinse be with cold water to seal the hair cuticle and make it more smooth and frizz free.”

Apart from being a blogger, Aleena is also a Professional Hairstylist, Makeup Artist & Stylist and Creative Director at Sherie’s Salons, Pune. You can follow her here.



  1. Hey Aleena,

    Good list of products. Even I use bringadi by Kama. Just curious, How do you use it? Do you leave it overnight?

  2. Hi Aleena,

    Good list of products. It would have been enlightening to read how you use them exactly.

    The Loreal and B-Blunt both are leave in i guess. So, do you apply them both at the same time or alternate between them.
    How frequently do you use Kama hair oil. Also do you skip the conditioner when you apply it because i have heard it is deeply conditioning.

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