My Curly Haircut at Rock Paper Scissor with Daniel (Danny), Bangalore

I had gotten a haircut on August 19 done by Daniel at Rock Paper Scissor in Ulsoor, Bangalore. My hair was getting weighed down and my crown layers had grown out.

I waited for a month after the cut to write about it because I have haircut shocks after every haircut.

The cost of a haircut with Danny is 1200 INR.

What I liked about my experience and the haircut

  • Because I went with my hair styled like I always do, he decided to cut it dry. Yes, my first dry cut! *excited*
  • He proceeded to pick each curl clump and cut my hair curl by curl, adding layers as necessary.
  • He didn’t rush to remove my length like almost all stylists do. He kept asking me before cutting off even a small length. In fact I was the one who asked him to cut more 🙂
  • Danny knew so much about curly hair!! Cowashing, sulphate free – he knew it all. We talked a lot. He told me about how he finds curly hair really beautiful and how he urges everyone to embrace their curly hair. We talked about curly hair in India in general, about my blog etc.

After the cut, he proceeded to wash my hair with a conditioner and diffused it till it was 50% dry.

What I didn’t like about my haircut

  • It’s been a month and my hair still doesn’t feel that great. I was expecting a great bounce with all the weight removed, but I don’t feel anything new.
  • I don’t like the overall end shape of my hair. I always love deep V and U; this is a straight blunt cut which doesn’t seem to be doing a good job in forming ringlets like it used to before.

I don’t hate the haircut like I did the last time with BBlunt Indiranagar (though it eventually grew out beautifully), but I don’t love it either like I did with BBlunt Magrath Road the year before that. There are a lot of curlies who absolutely adore his haircuts. So I may give him a try again sometime in the future.



  1. Wow cut your hair dry. That’s a first I heard from anyone in India. By any chance he comes to Pune or knows someone like him here 😊

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