Enliven hair gel review

If you have been reading my blogs regularly, you would know that Enliven conditioner is one of my favourite budget conditioners for co washing. So when I saw a gel from the same brand, I gave it no second thought before buying.

Price: 100 INR/£3.49 for 150 ml. You can buy it here(India) or here(UK).

Ingredient Analysis:

Water, PVP, Carbomer – Polymer, Triethanolamine –pH adjuster, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor oil – water soluble wax of castor oil, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol – Humectants, Rest – Preservatives, Perfume and colour.

Triethanolamine is an irritant in higher concentrations because of its alkalinity and this is the 3rd ingredient so it may be corrosive to hair. It is Sulfate, Silicone, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, and Alcohol free.

Texture: Sticky and thick

Smell: Being designed for guys, the smell is very masculine

Packaging: Sturdy fat plastic tub



How to apply gel – Curly hair gels : Everything you need to know

+ Forms a strong gel cast that protects and holds curls while it is drying

+ Prevents frizz

+ They have gels with varying hold – this one being the ultimate with hold 5

+ Scrunches out very well after drying and leaves no residues or flakes

– It’s very sticky to apply

– No botanical ingredients

– Dries my hair out. I am guessing it’s because of the Triethanolamine in high concentration.

In short: If you are looking for a good cheap gel with hold, enliven gel is perfect. You will have to see for yourself if it dries your hair out because a lot of my readers love this product! Here’s a List of Silicone free hair styling products(leave ins,creams,gels) in India and here’s a List of curly hair products in India that I’ve used




  1. I use the olive oil version of this gel and it’s not that drying. Even the masculine smell is less (or maybe I am used to it)! 🙂

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