Haircuts for curly hair

Apart from the right products and techniques, one of the important deciding factors for how your curly hair looks and behaves, is the right haircut. Most parlours in India cut curly hair like they would cut straight hair. That makes it all the more important for us to know and tell them what kind of a cut we want. I really dream of a day when there is a salon in India solely for curly hair where we walk in and there are curl magazines and curl products on the shelf πŸ˜€ And they don’t try to detangle our hair before the haircut with a comb. *Ouch!*. And they don’t end haircuts with a blow dry and brushing! Till then, here are haircuts that are perfect for curly hair.

Layers. Lots and lots of layers.

curly hair cut layers

The layers should start below the chin so that the curls are tamed and don’t look like a lion’s mane. Most curls, including mine are more prominent as length increases. That is because the curls have enough weight to hang down. So opt for long layers. The cut should give you a tapered look at the ends with layers.

Say NO to any kind of texturing/razor/bulk removal as this causes curly hair to go frizzy.

Layers are very very important in curly hair because in if it was all one length, your hair would be too heavy at the bottom causing the dreadful triangle effect (no volume on top, too much volume at the bottom) which is a big no-no.


curly hair cut layers


curly hair bangs

Bangs that aren’t too short and are side swept to either the left or right side of your face can solve the problem of your hair looking flat on the top of your head. They are also great for hiding large foreheads. This is also best suited for wavy and curly hair and better avoided on coily hair.

Lob(long bob) with wedge cut

curly hair lob wedge cut

It’s a cut for those who don’t want to wear your hair long. A wedge cut which has short layers in the back and long layers in the front will tame your curls.

You can see how the hair is short at the back of the head and gradually increases in length towards the front
Including a picture of wedge cut on straight hair to show you how it looks. You can see how the hair is short at the back of the head and gradually increases in length towards the front


Remember that since your hair is wet when they cut, the length will drastically change when your hair dries and curls up. Keep that in mind when you tell them the length you want your hair to be at.

After your haircut, you may have an adjustment phase before your curls start behaving normal – Curly haircut shock – Adapting to your new haircut

This is my haircut –

You can see more pics here – PhotoDiary

Here are some hairstyle ideas 11 easy everyday hairstyles for curly hairΒ and here is a post with my full curly hair care routine – My curly hair routine .






  1. Good lord! I cannot thank you enough! πŸ˜€
    Every time I want a haircut, and look all over the net for inspiration, all I see is straight hair cuts and all that. Finally something reliable from a person with gorgeous hair herself.
    Thank you so much! πŸ™‚
    For the post and for making me love my hair. We are both indebted to you. πŸ˜›

  2. Just what I was looking for. One doubt, can the bangs be a little short ending just behind the ears? I am experimenting with different kinds of looks at present πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. I have a broad forehead with curls just touching my shoulders
    Can you suggest me some hairstyle so dat my broad forhead gets covered.

    1. Aamy, side swept bangs are the best option for covering forehead. Get longer bangs so that your curls can merge with the hair on your sides.

  4. Hi Anjana,

    I have hair a little longer than shoulder length and almost all the hair stylists i have visited give me a side-swept bang with layers on the hair length.
    The haircut looks awesome in the salon because the stylist uses a round brush to style the side swept bangs and a diffuser to make the curls look good on the hair length.
    I am a very low maintenance gal and i can never find the time or skill to make the perfect side swept bangs the stylist does in the salon.

    1.Do you think permanently straightening the bangs is a good idea?
    2.If not, is it bad for the hair to use the round brush and dryer after every wash to style the prefect side-swept bangs?
    3.Do you know of any other technique to style the perfect bangs?

    1. Hi GK!
      1. Permanent straightening is a bad idea for 2 reasons – You will never get the curls in that part back + It looks weird at the roots once your hair starts growing.
      2. Blow drying is not a good idea either due to the heat damage but is definitely a better option than option 1. So you could do it once in a while if you please.
      3. I used to straighten my bangs up until some months ago but I wear them curly now because I learnt how to :D. You can see it here and you can check the 1st style in this post to see how I do it –
      Hope that helps!

  5. I stay herein muscat where there are no professional hair saloons available. So each time I needed to search a name and tell them to cut my hair. But it all ended up drastically. My hair is too curly at the crown part and also at forehead and reduces curliness at the end. I had a long and thick hair bt did straightening and some thickness reducing cut. And nw my curls are back bt looks so unhealthy and so thin my hair became. How cud I get back my thick hair pls also suggest me a good hair cut. Nw my hair is just below my shoulder.

  6. Anjana actually all my roots and also till middle its curly. Bt at the ends almost about 2inches its still straight. I ws trying to grow my hair so that I could try some good haircut which is not too short as it wont suit me. Right now my hair is 3.5 inches past my shoulder. I already hav layers and aide bangs.pls suggest me a good hair cut.

    1. Smrithi layered cut is the way to go. You are not happy with the results because you still haven’t cut off the damaged ends. Cut off the damaged ends and you will start liking your hair better. Start changing your curly routine already though πŸ™‚

  7. I think the triangle effect is less when the curls are very long (beyond the waist) and are cut in a U or V shape.

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