How to dry curly hair

As most people around me, I also grew up drying my hair with a towel the usual way – rubbing the towel into the hair over and over till I made sure there was no water dripping from my head. After almost 20 years of commiting the mistake of ruining the curl definition and inducing a great amount of frizz, this is how I dry my curly hair after washing and conditioning it.

No Towels & No Rubbing – Use an old Tee.

I don’t use towels to dry my hair. They cause too much water absorption. Lack of water in my hair doesn’t allow my products to work properly.

Take an old tee(read husband’s :P) and make a cut in the front from the neck to bottom. That will give you one large piece to wrap your hair in.

I do not rub the tee onto my hair. This is very very important. Rubbing causes instant static friction, frizz and curl definition damage leaving a mass of unruly hair. Read this to find out how curl definition is ruined.

After applying products (How to apply products and scrunch curly hair),  you can dry your hair using the below ways :

Scrunching with a t-shirt to speed up drying

A trick to decrease your drying time and dry your hair faster is by scrunching with a T-shirt – How to scrunch with a T shirt to dry curly hair faster


Plopping is a method to scrunch your curls and keep them in the scrunched position without using your hands – you use a tee instead. It is best suited for long hair as short hair can get crushed and lose shape. It is perfect to help decrease the drying time of your hair, enhance waves and curls and take care of wet hair till it is dry or semi dry. I plop whenever I have time – Plopping (Plunking) curly hair | How to plop + 5 benefits

Drying – Air drying or Diffusing

Stepping out of home soon after washing causes my hair to instantly poof up and frizz and so I always wash my hair at night.

I either let my hair air-dry through the night.  I wait for about 15 minutes after scrunching, pull my hair over the pillow (so that I don’t sleep on my curls and ruin them) and go to sleep *zzZzzZZzzzzz* – sleeping with wet hair will not work for everybody, especially those with short hair or people who toss and turn too much during sleep.

Or I use a diffuser to dry my curls, which is my absolute favourite way to dry my hair – Everything about diffusing curly hair – What, Why, How

Check this out – Why sleeping on silk is good for curly hair

As easy as that!

Here is a post with my full curly hair care routine – My curly hair routine .



  1. I have been straightening my hair with chemicals since two years…so yup,it has damaged my hair a lot…I don intend straightening it again.. But rite now my hair s in that intermediate phase..btw straight and curly and I look a mess..wat shd I do next

    1. Hi Anjana 🙂 We share the same name 🙂
      First, kudos to your decision to stop straightening your hair! If you keep straightening it, you will have to do it for the rest of your life.
      Next step would be to transition. Transitioning is the process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. Yes, there will be the awkward months of half straight half curly hair. But once you have completely grown out of that, you can finally put an end to all the damage you have been doing to your hair! But this will take time and you need to be patient. You can read stories about other women on the internet(just do a google search) who have transitoned back to their natural hair for inspiration 🙂 I have never straightened my hair and so I just had the phase change from dry, frizzy, coarse, ugly hair to what you see now.
      After you have completely grown out your hair and regained your natural texture, follow the curly hair regimen mentioned in the blog 🙂

  2. hi, i recently found your blog and its amazing. i am looking forward to try your routines and recommended products. also we as curly haired women have lots of baby hair on forehead and hairline , it’ll be really helpful if you guided us about how to tame them or outgrow them.
    keep up the good work for fantastic job on the blog.

  3. Hi Anjana,
    I recently found your blog and this is very informative.. Kudos to you for your good work!! I’ve a question to ask.. Can plopping be done with a cotton towel instead of a tee?? TIA😊

    1. Thanks a ton Poornima! Plopping with a cotton towel can cause frizz unfortunately, because the fibers can snag on to the hair strands.

  4. I recently came across your blog and I must say, it has so many information which I was completely unaware of!!. Thanks a lot for putting it all together in one place.
    I need some clarification on hair care routine. I have curly hair but my hair is very thin and not that voluminous. After my co-washing and applying styling products and scrunching, I am able to get defined curls. But as my hair dries, my curls are no more defined and becomes very dry and frizzy.
    I am confused on which gel to use, should I use strong or mild gel? Should I be using more serum or more oil?

    1. Hi Rathi..thanks a ton! If it is thin, you should avoid cowashing as it can get weighed down easily. Also avoid too many oils and serums. A good leave in and light gel will work wonders

  5. Thanks Anjana for quick reply.. What do you suggest if not co-washing?
    Can you also suggest some good leave in and light gel for my hair type?

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