My curly hair journey

I was born with curly hair (some people may get curls during puberty, after pregnancy or due to some medicines). My mom and dad both have straight hair so I have no clue how my hair ended up like that!

Early childhood was not at all a worry. I didn’t care about primping much. It was from my late childhood till the start of my college, that I absolutely hated my hair. I would go about asking people with straight hair what shampoo they used (ya, shampoo :P). I would keep brushing and combing it, hoping it would marvelously turn straight somehow. I thought of getting a revostyler.

Frizzy bizzy dizzy πŸ˜›

At the end of my 12th standard, I almost decided to get permanent straightening done. Thankfully I did not. (For those of you have, it’s never late to start! – How to transition from chemically straightened hair to your natural curly hair).

In college, I once got a really good haircut done in Cochin. And for the 1st time ever I saw my hair like I had never seen it before. It was not a frizzy bush, it was actually spring shaped. But nothing much had changed πŸ˜› I was still absolutely clueless about how to take care of my hair. I started using heavy oils, sticky gels, applying products on dry hair (because there was no clear cut description anywhere of what I should really be doing. Or maybe I didn’t look hard enough). Learning about curly hair care was a gradual process which took me around 4-5 years. I read through curly haired blogs, tried the techniques and slowly began seeing the beauty that my hair is.

I wish curly hair knowledge was more prominent. I wish the mainstream media and beauty brands focus on curly hair also. Can you imagine that brands like garnier and tresemme have curl specific products outside India? Sigh. I wish things change soon ! And that this(What it’s like to have Curly Hair in India) is not the scenario in the years to come. I hope this blog helps many more of you to fall in love with your curly hair. Start today – Fall in love with your curly hair!













  1. Your baby pics are so cute πŸ™‚ ) I’m drooling over your curls, Anjana πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Your blog is indeed a boon for curly hsired women like me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Your hair looks beautiful. I was born with curly hair as well and my earlier pics are all cringe-inducing where I look like a poodle! πŸ˜‰ Also you are right. There is no focus on curly haired products in India at all. Maybe they are waiting for the consumers to get more mature and knowledgeable before they start to invest. I am glad I saw your article on curly Nikki! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

  3. Your baby pics they are so cutttteee πŸ˜€ the first black and white one is amazing. And yes totally agree India should have curly hair products. It’s too annoying.

  4. Your story is very similar to mine. It took a ‘shock haircut’ for me to be forced to treat my hair differently – the stylist cut it too short for me to hide my curls in a ponytail. Love your blog…wish blogs like these were around when I was muddling around trying to figure out my hair πŸ™‚

    Do you have any recommendations for curly hair salons/stylists in Kochi? I’ve been living outside Kochi for more than 13 years now and don’t have any curly-haired friends in town who’d know.

  5. Anjana.. Your hair looks really gorgeous and even i have got curly hair . Although my hair grows .. It gets shorter and shorter .. Now it has reached above my shoulders . And i cant give myself a hair cut because of that and its also thinning due to hairfall. Can you help me?

  6. So nice to hear your journey. I went through the same trauma of trying to be one of the straight haired girls when I obviously not. I too hated my hair through puberty and for two years in college I straightened my hair every day using an iron and no heat protestants! Yikes. You can imagine what it did. Then, I went ahead and permanent straightened it. All was well for 2 months and then when my roots grew back I grew frustrated. It was only after this that I decided I would take good care of my hair. So for 3 years now I gave laid off any heat and drying techniques and I look after my tresses ❀ I’ve done some experiments with hair products too and I’m constantly on the look out for people (especially south Indians) who understand how our hair works and give good advice. So nice to read your blog πŸ™‚ keep up the work I’d love to read more.

  7. Wow…. Anjana.. Your blog is an eye-opener… Seriously… Reading your articles makes me think.. How rude I handled my hair… And cursing it for no reason… You made me understand about my hair… Thanks a lot anjana….

  8. Hi Anjana,
    I too possess hair whichexactly has the same texture of urs. But I used to hate it Nd went on to get it straightened. So could you suggest me some tips to get it grown out Nd get my natural curls?

  9. hii my self supriya i am having problem with my hair how to mange it ,after wash i love my hair because they get beautiful culys, then on 2 nd and 3rd they become very frizzy .

    so can u help to make hair look good i am confused which product should i used .

    1. You will definitely see a change almost immediately if you are not making any mistakes. And it will keep getting better and better with each wash day as you get to know your hair better

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