PhotoDiary – Fall in love with curly hair (Volume 1)

“One of the biggest hair problems that curly haired women face is that they think their hair is a problem”

Hi everybody!

It’s been almost a month since I launched Curls and Beauty Diary :).  And I thought of adding a new category to the blog – PhotoDiary.

PhotoDiary volumes are photoshoots showcasing the beauty of curly hair. Most curly haired women ( including me! ) have a phase(years mostly) of hatred towards their hair. PhotoDiary aims to encourage you to embrace your curly hair.

Come, fall in love with Curly Hair!

curly hair 3a

curly hair 3a

curly hair 3a

curly hair 3a

Kurti – Akkriti, Sandals – Catwalk, Lipcolour – Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick Enduring Ruby




  1. Anjana … you are looking simply gorgeous .. Looking forward most photo of yours. This will going to be long so pls bear me. I’ve tried your trick of not combing my hair and you know I feel my hair is more soft now. I always loved my curly hair but didn’t know how to take care of it but your idea is just awesome and it helped me lot. Now I love my hair really I love my curly frizzy hair 🙂 🙂 I’ve gained my confidence again which was ruined by my hay hair. Although I m not using the product which you are using but now I know that hydration is must for curly hair and I’ve switched my hair care product. I am giving importance to deep conditioning … So I Over all I just want to say THANKS from my heart !!!

    1. Sheetaaaaaal… Thanks a ton :):)
      I love reading long comments so write more if you like! I am so very glad that the posts are helping you fall in love with your curly hair, which is exactly what I want :):)

  2. Anjana..lovely pics. U know as much as I want to love my hair it’s not like yours. It’s very very fine and thin and short. I will send my hair pics to you..can u do me a favor by suggesting what I shd do with it.

    1. Hi Tanvi! I suggest you first grow out your hair long. I know a lot of people whose curls look more defined as they grow in length. Secondly, the combination of curly + fine and thin is something thick curly haired girls would die to have! It’s definitely easier to manage, hydrate and combat frizz with your hair type. So grow your hair long and use the techniques mentioned on the blog to form a curly hair regimen and I am sure you will fall in love with your hair soon 🙂
      And if there is any topic that you would like covered in the blog, do provide your inputs 🙂

  3. din’t got dis “do not comb curly hair” thing…coz hw are we (galz who possess curly hair)suppose to step out wid such unmanageable hair widout combing?

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