PhotoDiary – Fall in love with curly hair (Volume 6)

PhotoDiary volumes are photoshoots showcasing the beauty of curly hair. PhotoDiary aims to encourage you to embrace your curly hair. Every curly hair on this planet is meant to look beautiful. No exception! We are all born with beautiful hair. It’s the care that makes all the difference. “She was born with it” My hair is different”  “I would wear my hair curly if my curls looked like that!” “My hair isn’t curly, its just frizzy” “I don’t really have curl, just some unruly wave” are not acceptable excuses anymore 🙂

 Come, fall in love with Curly Hair!
photodiary curly hair (5)
photodiary curly hair (3)
photodiary curly hair (4)
photodiary curly hair
photodiary curly hair (7)
photodiary curly hair (2)
photodiary curly hair (6)
photodiary curly hair (9)

Here is a post with my full curly hair care routine – My curly hair routine 🙂



    1. Thanks Nishta 🙂 The night before this shoot, I prepooed with coconut oil, cowashed with Enliven conditioner, scrunched with 1 pump of SheaMoisture reconstructive elixir and 1/2 a bowl of flaxseed gel. Then I plopped my hair for about 30 minutes and let it air dry through the night. Posts on flaxseed gel and plopping will be up soon 🙂

  1. You have such beautiful hair anjana 😍 My hair get super poofey with dry curls whenever I use a shampoo. So, I have no choice but to detangle with coconut oil the same day 🙁

    1. Thanks Najma! Don’t you follow shampooing with a conditioner? Also have you tried co-washing instead of shampooing?

      1. I am actually following your advice on co washing. While co washing it’s alright and hydrated to an extent 😆. But on days when i shampoo my scalp, it gets dry even after soaking my hair in conditioner😪

  2. Gorgeous 🙂 🙂 Flaxseed gel. I’ve tried it too. It’s amazing. But, I think I need to increase the quantity. Waiting for your post on plopping.

  3. Your hair looks beautiful. Its truly an inspiration for folks to embrace their curly hair among all the fine-tooth combs and oily plaits. 🙂 Thank you for the mini routine. Co-washing helps my hair look good too.

  4. Wow you are a Godsend! High five from one curly head to another! Can’t wait to make my own flaxseed gel 🙂

  5. Hey its hard to find salons having expertise with curly hair cut… Any suggestions regarding salons … Neways enliven conditioner never used it would surely give it a try

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