PhotoDiary – Spring is here!

The past few days have been so pretty here in Bangalore with flowers in full bloom not only on short plants and shrubs, but almost replacing all the leaves of huge tall trees. Some trees look a bit like the cherry blossom(and behave like them too! Because the flowers’ve fallen down within days of their blooming). I couldn’t see any of those today, but I did see many other flowers in full bloom *happy heart*. How I wish spring lasted throughout the year 😛



My hair’s been acting really strange after winter owing to the change in dew point and humidity. My curls are not holding shape and look wonky. I had decided to grow my hair as long as I can (before giving way to my impatience :P) to see how they behave, so I can’t go for a trim anytime soon. I need to start making some changes to my product selection and routine.

Happy Spring! Are there blooms around you?




    1. Thanks a ton Sheetal ❤ ❤ I will defintely do that if I get a hang of it myself 🙁 still struggling with summer curls 🙁

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