Reader Testimonial – Harini Narayanan

Readers’ Diary includes some of my beautiful readers who’ve had a curly hair transformation after following the Curly Hair Routine. A whole section dedicated to my readers.

So here’s a big shoutout to all my lovely readers – I would love it if you can share photos of your curly hair’s before & after, how the blog has helped you and a paragraph about your routine and products. Send them to [email protected]

” Hii! So just like every other curlie, I’ve hated my hair since time immemorial. Especially because I took care of it much better than my straight haired friends did. I combed (the life out of) it and oiled it every day so it would stay tangle free, I left the conditioner on my hair for much longer than what was mentioned in the bottle, tried so many different shampoos and conditioners, blah blah you know the drill.

But none of it seemed to work. My hair continued to look like a mop of hay. There was so much breakage and dryness.
Worse, my straight haired friend’s hair was getting shinier and silkier without all those efforts! I know! UNFAIR, isn’t it? I hated every inch of my hair (except on wash days of course. I wondered, why couldn’t it just stay that way even after combing?)
And just like that one fine day (19 years of life later) I’d had enough. I’d reached my peak of patience. I went in a haste to the salon and straightened my hair. Yes, permanent one. The first few months after that were utter bliss! Straight hair was so much easier to manage. Some days I didn’t even have to comb and it would still look like I’d just got out of a salon! I was over the moon.
And then came the side effects. Hairfall. Not the kind you see in hairfall ads. It’s a hundred times worse, believe me. Anywhere you go, you leave a trail of hair. It was HIGHLY disturbing (although if you ever get lost, your family can easily find you using that trail 😛 )
By this time my newborn​ curls were beginning to show near the scalp. I had to decide if I wanted to spend the rest of my life constantly going to a parlour and having my curls stretched and straightened or just let it grow and go back to my curls.
That’s when I stumbled upon curlsandbeautydiary blog. I cannot tell you how useful this blog has been. I finally understood why my hair didn’t cooperate like my friend’s did. It was because I’d been using the wrong products and treating it like how one treats straight hair, not curly hair!
I fell in love with the blog and Anjana’s hair. For the first time in my life, I actually wanted to grow out my hair. I waited patiently for my curls to grow long enough so i could chop off the straight part of my hair.
And one of the biggest problems of transition hair is that you don’t know which products to use. The ones for curly hair or the ones for straight hair?
It was a tough phase and I constantly had my hair in a bun so that my half curly half straight hair wouldn’t be that obvious. Any other hairstyle would fetch a lot of curious looks.
Finally the day came when I could chop my straight hair off and still have enough hair left in my head so I didn’t look like a boy. 😛  Believe me when I say that that was the best decision I’d ever made for my hair. The curly hair products work much better now, without the straight hair. Everyone started complimenting my curls and they still do, all thanks to curlsandbeautydiary!
This blog has truly been a blessing. 😀
My curly hair routine:
– Oil my hair with coconut/Olive oil before wash (once a week)
– Shampoo using Head and shoulders for normal days. If my scalp feels dry or itchy then I use The Body Shop’s ginger anti dandruff shampoo.
– Condition with OGX’s coconut water conditioner or OGX’s argan oil of Morocco conditioner. I love both!
– leave in conditioner: OGX’S quenching coconut curls curling hair butter diluted with a little water
P.S- Sorry this story was so long. xD “

Start your own curl transformation today! – Start Here. Read about other readers’ transformations here – Readers’Diary. Submit your own diary at [email protected]


  1. I am so inspired to try curly girl method after coming across your blog. I tried it a year back but gave up after 2 attempts and got permanent straightening done. I have been getting chemical straightening from past 7 years. I m so fed up with this limp and flat hair. I need your advise. I have type 2a wavy hair and my hair is half wavy and half straight now as the roots have grown out. I so so so so want to try curly girl method to improve the texture of my hair. Should I cut out my straightened hair and start CG on new hair or just continue CG on whatever hair I have. I have waist length hair and cutting out the straight hair will mean going for a short bob. Please help.

    1. Hey Namratha! It’s really upto you – if you don’t mind cutting it all off, that would be a better choice since you can start experimenting with your natural texture. Or you could slowly transition and cut it off little by little – it’s a personal choice 🙂

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