Reader Testimonial – Jahnavi Dharmana

Readers’ Diary includes some of my beautiful readers who’ve had a curly hair transformation after following the Curly Hair Routine. A whole section dedicated to my readers.

So here’s a big shoutout to all my lovely readers – I would love it if you can share photos of your curly hair’s before & after, how the blog has helped you and a paragraph about your routine and products. Send them to [email protected]

“I have always struggled with my hair. My hair has been called things from dustbin to birds nests. l have always had frizzy and big unruly hair. Styling my hair would always mean straightening for 1 hour and soon it would turn wavy within 2 hours. So I decided that 2017 would be the year that I actually took care of my hair and give it what it needs. I started searching online for curly hair care at the beginning of the year and found Curls and Beauty Diary website and learned sooo much. Curls and Beauty Diary and The Curious Jalebi were the 2 blogs that really helped me understand and take care of my hair.

I could see a lot of change in my hair from the first time I’ve used gel in my hair. Now I’m completely in love with my hair and the compliments I get with it. I have always felt jealous of straight hair but now I feel like my hair gives me a unique identity much better then boring straight hair. 😊
My curly hair routine
I have used a diffuser for my hair but I feel like air drying after plopping gives me the best results.
Thank you Anjana for helping me love my hair again. Couldn’t have done it without you!😊”

Start your own curl transformation today! – Start Here. Read about other readers’ transformations here – Readers’Diary. Submit your own diary at [email protected]

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