Reader Testimonial – Pavithra L

Readers’ Diary includes some of my beautiful readers who’ve had a curly hair transformation after following the Curly Hair Routine. A whole section dedicated to my readers.

So here’s a big shoutout to all my lovely readers – I would love it if you can share photos of your curly hair’s before & after, how the blog has helped you and a paragraph about your routine and products. Send them to [email protected]

“Hello dear Curly haired beauties,

I am Pavithra who is blessed with curly hair from my mother and grandmom. But I never realised how girls with curly hair could look naturally awesome. I thank almighty because I never did the mistake of permanently straightening my hair. But I do admit how I used to rigorously comb my hair until they become straight thinking they made me look beautiful.
After my marriage I had to move to Germany in 2016 and that’s when the actual problem started. My hair started to portray itself as dry as possible and I also started losing lot of hair because of water change, due to the harsh winter conditions here and due to heavy snowfall. Then I decided I need to do put an end to this and there came angel Anjana through Curls and Beauty Dairy blog  whom I started following since October 2016 and my hair has got back its life now😍
I never used conditioner until I started following the Curly girl method because I had a myth that conditioner would lead to greying of hair which is completely out of my mind now😇
My curly hair routine :
  • First, tata bye bye to hair combs & hair brushes🙏
  • I oil my hair with Olive oil only once a week and three tablespoons is all what I need while I don’t ted to drip my hair off its natural oil by washing too much to get rid of oil from my hair.
  • I co wash my hair with Body Shop Volume conditioner and detangle them using my fingers in the shower.
  • I shampoo only when I oil my hair with Body Shop Volume shampoo
  • I use the Body Shop Moisture hair butter as my leave in conditioner and I apply just two drops of Body Shop hair serum to give a glossy look to my curls.
  • After hair wash I plop using an old t-shirt and my recently found out trick is that we need to scrunch with a t-shirt after applying our leave ins, gels or serum to get more defined voluminous curls which works far better than when we scrunch using our hands. Sleeping overnight with a washed & t-shirt plopped head does also work wonders.😆
You can see my curly hair transformation pics within just 6 months. It’s never late🙋😍🙂”

Start your own curl transformation today! – Start Here. Read about other readers’ transformations here – Readers’Diary. Submit your own diary at [email protected]


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