Reader Testimonial – Sonam Patil

Readers’ Diary includes some of my beautiful readers who’ve had a curly hair transformation after following the Curly Hair Routine. A whole section dedicated to my readers.

So here’s a big shoutout to all my lovely readers – I would love it if you can share photos of your curly hair’s before & after, how the blog has helped you and a paragraph about your routine and products. Send them to [email protected]

“I started my CG friendly journey in July 2017 after seeing your post on Instagram and being inspired and motivated. Like every curly hair girl I also used to have frizz in my hair. I never hated my curly hair even after everyone advising it to get it straightened. I used to like my hair on wash day and afterwards i used to tie up my hair so that it does not get frizzy. My hair looked lifeless and always used to tangle. I never knew it would look so beautiful , bouncy , hydrated. It was a roller coaster journey so far . I switched to complete CG method in October 2017 and after that there was no turning back. Every time I look at someone with curly hair it instantly makes me happy knowing that there are many people out there like me who are proud of their natural hair. This journey was full of trial and error and a big thanks to everyone out there and especially @honestlizhere @curlsandbeautydiary @themestizamuse for such amazing posts and reviews. You all are a inspiration for me and curly hair girls out there.

The following is my current curly hair routine :

Start your own curl transformation today! – Start Here. Read about other readers’ transformations here – Readers’Diary. Submit your own diary at [email protected]

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