Reader Testimonial – Surya Nair

Readers’ Diary includes some of my beautiful readers who’ve had a curly hair transformation after following the Curly Hair Routine. A whole section dedicated to my readers.

So here’s a big shoutout to all my lovely readers – I would love it if you can share photos of your curly hair’s before & after, how the blog has helped you and a paragraph about your routine and products. Send them to [email protected]

“Like all other curlies, I use to hate my natural hair and went for chemical treatment twice and got a late realization that it’s always good to embrace your natural curls than going after these fancy hair treatments. I stumbled upon your blog via Instagram. And then I realized how beautifully Anjana manages her curly hair so I also thought of giving it a try and started from last month. I use to put lot of heat tools in my hair and it was total damaged.

The following is my current curly routine:

I am just like a baby in this curly community who is still learning to walk so many more miles to go and yet to get an overall idea about the whole CG world. Thanks a ton to Anjana for answering all my queries and being an ultimate motivation never to give up. I was kind of overwhelmed with this result and defined curls on my head so I thought of sharing it with you guys.”

Start your own curl transformation today! – Start Here. Read about other readers’ transformations here – Readers’Diary. Submit your own diary at [email protected]

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