Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil Review

I was given this oil for review by Elizabeth of Honest Products and it was a perfect time because I was on the verge of jumping on the bandwagon of scalp massages inspired by my lovely curl friend Elaine (@curlysue)

Description by Righteous Roots: Righteous Roots Hair Rx is a hair rejuvenating growth serum with 11 essential oils featuring both anti-frizz and detangling properties, blended to transform your hair into the best that it can be. It can be used for Deep Conditioning, as a Pre -Wash Detangler, Leave-In or for Hot Oil Treatment

Price: INR 1800. You can buy it here

Ingredients – Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined Organic Sesame Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Additional Natural Organic Oils.

Now this is the only grey area that I don’t like. I understand they are trying to protect their secret recipe but I think consumers deserve to know what goes into the products they use. Nevertheless, skipping this, I absolutely adore this oil. Let’s find out why!

Texture – The texture of Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil is quite thick owing to the typical castor oil texture. But it’s not as thick as castor oil because there are other lighter oils mixed.

Packaging – The packaging is very convenient – It comes in a twist cap and dispenses oil by the drops which makes it very convenient to use just what is required and also directly on scalp.

I used it for 4 different purposes:

  • Nightly scalp massages – As I mentioned before, I was about to start my nightly scalp massages seeing my friend Elaine and Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil came at the right point. I take about 2-3 drops of the oil onto my fingertips and lightly massage my scalp daily for around 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to go overboard with the oil especially if you are going to massage your scalp daily with this because it can make hair quite oily. I do not know about the claims to increase hair growth because my hair already grows quite fast. But my scalp remained so fresh in between washes which I think should be owed to the tea tree oil. I didn’t feel like I hadn’t washed my scalp in 2-3 days. Even the act of massaging soothes me greatly after a day at work.

A special mention about the smell:  I think I should attribute a large portion of my love for using Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil as a scalp massage oil to its smell. Oh my god, it smells so divine. My guess for the essential oils that’s gone into this are Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender – I can only guess! It’s such a relaxing smell…aaaaaaaa!

  • Pre Poo + Deep conditioning before wash – I usually detangle with olive or coconut oil before my wash and I substituted with the Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil for a couple of washes. I didn’t find anything extraordinary about using this oil for my hair’s feel or texture.
  • For SOTC – Because this smells so great, I love scrunching out my gel cast in the morning with 2-3drops of the oil. Of course, any oil would do the job but I love the smell so much 😀
  • Spot Treatment for Dandruff – In between my menstrual cycle, I get flares of oily skin which causes acne and oily scalp which leads to dandruff. They are almost like a scaly patchy layer on my scalp. I apply Righteous Roots Hair Rx Oil directly on these spots and wash them away after a few hours. It leaves them clean! My husband loves to use it too 🙂

Overall, although custom oil blends can be made at home, I may purchase this for the oh-so-lovely essential oil blend smell that makes me relax so much and makes scalp massages super fun!


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