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Hello there!

I’m Anjana, a Software Engineer who fell in love with my curly hair around 2009. I still remember the days when I would comb and brush my hair over and over again expecting miracles to happen, but my hair forever looked like hay. And now after umpteen experiments with techniques, hair products and methods, my hair hasn’t looked better!

Beautiful curly hair starts with the right routine, products and care.

Routine –

Here’s my curly hair routine; From how to wash and condition curly hair, how to dry curly hair, how to detangle curly hair, how to style curly hair, to how to sleep with curly hair, hairstyles, haircuts and products for curly hair and just about everything you would require – My curly hair routine.

Products –

Confused over the many products mentioned on the blog? Here are the products you can start with. The kit has 1 conditioner, 1 cream and 1 gel recommendation for each curl type. Easy! – Beginner friendly products : Curly Hair Starter Kit

You can read about my curly hair journey here – My curly hair journey

Feel free to comment on the posts or contact me for any doubts. Fall in love with curly hair! Have a fabulous curly hair journey 🙂