An update – Got my hair cut

I had gotten my hair cut at BBLUNT Magrath Road around 6 months ago. And I quite loved the cut. But then I had to take the scissors in my own hands and cut bits and pieces at home :|. I ended up with scraggly tips that looked very unruly and shapeless.

Unruly tips cut by me :P
Before the haircut – Unruly tips cut by me πŸ˜›

So I decided to get a shape and trim done at another branch of BBLUNT, the one at Indiranagar. I opted for the Senior Stylist again and a guy named Lee did my haircut.

These are the things I wanted – more volume and to cut off the stringy ends. The stringy ends are gone but along with my length :(. I don’t see any volume. He gave me a lot of layers and used the internal cutting method to remove bulk so that the curls can spring up easily. But I don’t see any curl enhancement :(. Though they had a diffuser, the didn’t know how to use one properly. You can see how my hair looks wavy after the cut. Even after styling it on my own at home, I am not happy with the results. There’s no bounce in my curls. I hope this is the usual adjusting period that I have following haircuts. I miss my long hair already 😭😭😭.




    1. This is a layered cut with internal cutting. I would have said no to the internal cutting if I knew it would remove my bulk.

  1. Hello Anjana, it’s my turn to for a cut. I do not have access to BBlunt in my town. But I have a very sensible stylist who actually listens. (it is harder than it sounds). So what should I tell her? The overall shape seems sort of a V to me. Of course plenty of layers. Are the layers better to be long and few OR many short cascades? Fingers crossed. Thanks in advance.

    1. Heyyy..Lots of layers, long layers if you want to decrease the volume, short layers if you want more volume. Say NO to any kind of texturing/razor/bulk removal as this causes curly hair to go frizzy. All the best πŸ™‚ Let me know how it goes!

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