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  1. Feedback:
    What I love about your page.
    Writing is original. Pictures are also (mostly) your own.

    For me, these two are like dead on absolutely favorite stuff.
    You know for a ‘beauty reference manual’.
    And really thank you very much for sharing and making difference in people’s (girls’) life in your own right.

  2. Your website is a “beauty reference manual” to me. I am going a bit too ‘science-y’. Seriously, I probably have about 50% of your products ๐Ÿ™‚ I never think twice before I buy what you recommend.

  3. Hi Anjana,
    I had been all years living with the dry frizzy curly hair. Though there were people suggesting I do a straightening, I dint feel like…. After seeing your articles, planning to revive my hair. Its short till shoulders. And am not sure of the type it is. May be 3b, 3c to 4a. But have got thin strands. Does all your products and articles suits all types of Curly hair?

    1. Subha, Everything is applicable for all curly hair types. But of course each curly head is different(even those with same pattern) so you would need to experiment with products and quantities. The routine will be the same though.

  4. Hi Anjana!
    You know I think it would be wonderful if you were to do a detailed post on growing curly hair beyond BSL. To inspire and enlighten curlies who want to grow their hair to crazy lengths/ really long. Before you began your curly hair journey, you mentioned there was a time when you would brush brush and brush it in the hopes of straightening it. During this time, did you experience major breakage? Did you ever experience times of stagnant hair growth because of the non-friendly curly hair practices?
    A lot of curlies out there are down with the notion that there hair simply won’t grow no matter what. Your post could help break their illusion and set them on their path to grow long healthy hair.
    I know you have already done a post titled how to grow healthy hair. But with the above concepts it could get sharper, more to the point and purposeful.

    1. Hey Nishka, I didn’t experience any breakage or growth stagnation even during those times. Like I mentioned in the growth post, my hair has always grown quite fast owing to my genes ๐Ÿ™‚

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